Rules of the Waverley Class

Amended 20.02.2006

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1 The class shall be called the Waverley Class and boats named in accordance with the class title.
2 The class shall be open to any member of a yacht or sailing club, who shall be elected by the class and who shall build or acquire a boat in accordance with the class specifications.
3 The Committee shall consist of all the owners in the class, who shall have power to draw up, alter, add to or amend Bye-Laws. In the case of joint owners only one shall have the right to vote at meetings. Crews and invited friends of the class shall have the right to attend and contribute to meetings, but shall have no voting rights. Four shall form a quorum.
4 At each meeting the Committee shall appoint a Chairman, who shall have a casting as well as a deliberate vote.
5 The Committee shall appoint an Honorary Secretary from amongst their number, who will keep a book containing the names of the members of the class, names and particulars of the boats, and a record of all meetings. The Secretary shall give two clear days notice of all meetings to the members. The Secretary shall call a meeting of the Committee on receiving a requisition signed by any two members of the class.
6 The Committee shall appoint an Honorary Treasurer from amongst their number who will be responsible for the Class accounts, and shall prepare a report to be presented to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.
7 Any new boats must be built from the existing plan and specification in the hands of the Secretary, who will furnish all particulars to intending builders.
8 Any person wishing to build a boat shall give notice to the Secretary of such intention and the Committee shall take the necessary steps to arrange for the boat being built under their supervision, and shall appoint some person or persons to see that the plan and specification have been adhered to. A certificate from such person or persons must be handed to the Committee before the boat can be received into the class.
9 The Committee shall appoint an Inspection Committee who shall have power at all reasonable times to go on board any boat and inspect her to see that she complies with the Bye-Laws, when instructed by the Committee.
10 No alteration must be made in length or circumference of spars, position of mast (rake not included) area of sail, nor any structural alteration to hull.
11 Any owner wishing to purchase a sail shall give notice to the Secretary who will provide the owner with the details of the current official sail maker.
12 In the event of any boat meeting with an accident necessitating new spars, sails, repainting, repairs to the hull, or any structural repair, such repair work must be carried out under the Committee’s supervision, and the owner about to have new spars fitted or repair work done, must give notice to the Committee of such intention as soon as possible after an accident.
13 The boats shall be numbered by the Committee and the correct number of the boat must be sewn on the peak of the sail as per size and style in specification.
14 One of the following weights and types of anchor and warp or galvanized chain, or both, to be carried, but no ballast of any description (With the exception of Ivanhoe, which must carry the ballast agreed by the Committee in March 1929) Recommended anchors are either 10kg Fisherman, 7kg CQR, 5kg Bruce with sufficient length of 6 mm galvanized chain or a suitable warp.
15 Safety equipment to be carried by all boats whilst racing in the Class shall consist of:
– 1 lifejacket for each person on board.
– An efficient and well maintained bilge pump.
– A stout bucket with lanyard.
– A mimimum of 2 daylight flares (within date) either red hand held or yellow smoke.
– A safety knife
– It is strongly recommended that lifejackets be worn, and that a lifebelt or heaving line be carried
16 The crew shall consist of at least two persons, who must be amateurs. The meaning of the word “amateur” to be taken as described in R.Y.A. rules.
17 Owners must enter their boats for regattas or club races in accordance with the rules of the various clubs. When racing the rules of that particular club must be adhered to.
18 Any owner wishing to sell a share in a boat must notify the Secretary of such intention, and should such a share be bought by a person not a member of the class, he or she shall apply for membership.
19 Any owner wishing to sell his boat is expected to give notice to the Secretary and to offer the boat for sale to the Committee for at least seven days, before selling to an outsider.
20 The plan and specification of the class is the property of the County Antrim Yacht Club, held in trust for the club by the Waverley Owners Committee, and a fee of One Pound Sterling, for each boat built, shall be paid to the club by any person having the use of the said plan and specification.
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